A Powerful Beginning

April 13, 2018

Welcome to the HPS blog! We're so excited to be starting this method of communication with you, and we'd like to begin by sharing a bit about our company's history.

HPS emerged in 1977 as Peace Land Power and Piling and was headquartered in Fort St. John, British Columbia. In those days, the company operated as a service contractor to power transmission companies. Eventually the burgeoning oil and gas sector quickly created increasing demand for anchored guy wires on rigs and flare stacks across the region. Before long, screw anchor installations became a mainstay of the business.

Things grew from there. Fast forward to 2008 and Helical Pier Systems was formed amalgamating Peace Land Piling with other entities and HPS set up its headquarters in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In 2011 the company expanded again, following an opportunity in the United States, which resulted in the formation of our American subsidiary – Helical Pier Systems Inc. based in Houston, Texas. HPS remains a privately held Canadian corporation.

Over the last several years HPS has strategically diversified its customer base with a focus on serving the industrial construction sector – mainly petrochemical, refining, oil and gas and power generation companies. We work in partnership with our customers to design, engineer and construct foundation systems that withstand the rigors of any construction project, and provide trustworthy consultation and advice that helps ensure their projects will be successful.

In the last year, HPS began bringing in new leadership. The changes have infused our company with renewed vigor and sharpened our vision on the corporate culture we want to create and sustain. It's an exciting time at HPS. Plans are coming together for additional growth in North America so we can be of service to an even greater number of customers. We continue to custom design and manufacture our own helical piles in Alberta, Canada and Houston, Texas for use on projects across the continent.

For anyone who might not be familiar with HPS, we are a forward-thinking foundations solutions company that continually strives to improve and innovate, providing effective processes that allow us to succeed and earn the trust of our customers. Our experience and capabilities consistently lead to superior results, and our passion for excellence paves the way to exceeding customer expectations. No matter what the demands of the job may be, HPS rises to the occasion, adapting to any circumstance and going above and beyond until we find the best solution.

Optimized engineering is the heart of our business. Our team of confident and experienced experts devise reliable solutions for even the most challenging projects, creating foundations that are designed, engineered and constructed to last. We offer a full range of piling solutions and services that produce desired results in highly challenging environments. Our understanding of site and soil conditions is unparalleled in the industry, resulting in performance-based foundations that can withstand the rigors of any construction project.

We encourage you to explore our website and reach out to us if your company is in need of reliable and innovative foundation construction services. We’d be very glad to talk with you.

We're very excited about the launch of our blog page (this is our first post.) Check back every week for new posts that will help you stay on top of industry trends, give you important industry related tips, and give you insights on what’s happening within the industry.

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